Friday, March 30, 2007

I feel like I've lost 30 lbs- why I love spring

There is something so satisfying about putting away my winter coat. This past week has had days when a long sleeved shirt felt too warm, let alone my long heavy jacket. It's so freeing not to be bound by the restricting confines of winter clothes. Just walking around in my regular clothes, minus the coat, makes me feel like I've instantly lost 30 lbs. :)

I have never liked winter. I don't mind watching pretty snowflakes cover the ground, creating idyllic landscapes, and there is something particularly enjoyable about "white" Christmases. But once the New Year hits, I'm ready for the white stuff, and the cold weather to be gone.

I'm reminded though, that if it wasn't for the extremes of a cold winter, I wouldn't have the same appreciation for the coming of spring. It's hard to find words to express the joy of seeing winter's long siege ending, and the promise of new life all around.

Without winter, the rain, mud, and slightly warm temperatures just wouldn't have the same effect. :)

**for the record, I'm not looking to lose 30 lbs ;)