Friday, September 10, 2004

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Pictures from Jordan/Cyprus Trip 2004 (Part 4)

Pictures from Petra, Jordan

We got to explore Jordan a bit, and to see some of the places it is known for. Playing the tourist for 2 days, we took a bus down to Petra, where we were able to meet a number of interesting and great people. You might remember seeing Petra in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade." It was such an incredible place to see, with thousands of years of history etched into the rock. We spent 2 days exploring, hiking, riding horses, donkeys and a camel, and barely scratched the surface. Someday, if you have the chance... go to Petra!

After a trek along a winding path that cuts through the rock, we can see here a glimpse of what lies beyond...

... an enormous temple carved into the rock face
(Londoners, note the Novack's bag on the camel)

I went for a hike with a Bedouin guide and had some incredible sights and views. I also got to hear the standard line, and on behalf of my father, turned down the offer of camels for my hand in marriage.

On the second day, after a long and scary donkey ride, we reached this monastary. On the way down we let the guides ride the donkeys, trusting our own feet to take us down safely.

Mel and I watching the sun set over the Bedouin village. This was part of an *interesting* outing with some Bedouin. It all turned out fine, and we even got to have a good discussion about Truth with our guides.

Pictures from Jordan/Cyprus Trip 2004 (Part 3)

Pictures from the Dead Sea, Jordan side

A wonderful Palestinian family took us to the Dead Sea for the day. We had a wonderful time with them, enjoying their gracious hospitality. We swam, then enjoyed a tasty barbeque under the twinkling stars with Arabic music playing around us. It was one of the best days I've ever had!

Me at the Dead Sea

Me swimming in the Dead Sea- yes you really do float like they say, and if you get any of that super-salty water in your eyes... watch out!

Pictures from Jordan/Cyprus trip 2004 (Part 2)

Pictures from Amman, Jordan (September 2004)

After the conference in Cyprus, we spent a week in Jordan, exploring, and meeting and spending time with local people. I have to say that meeting the families that I did was the biggest highlight, and in those experiences, God touched my heart with His love for Arab people. By the end of the week I just found myself asking, "please Lord, can I come back?"

The city is built on a number of hills

From a rooftop

Walking down the street in a more traditional area

In a fruit and vegetable market- notice men do the shopping!